About us

21MillionCo is a brand with one mission: Spreading Bitcoin.

The number "21 Million" refers to the supply limit of Bitcoin. In a world of infinite fiat currency, there will never be more than 21 million BTC. 


Bitcoin is the currency of the future. We are moving into a new age of individual sovereignty, and bitcoin will be at the center of this revolution. Bitcoin gives the individual complete control over their money. Savings in bitcoin can not be influenced by central banks, governments, or corporations. Unlike a savings account at a bank, when you save in bitcoin you actually own your money. There are no third parties involved. For these reasons we accept bitcoin on all purchases made on our store. 

If you would like to buy bitcoin whether you plan on using it as a currency or holding it as savings, we recommend using CashApp. Join CashApp using this link and receive $5.*

For further information we recommend these two books for technical as well as economic perspectives on bitcoin: 

The Bitcoin Standard (Economic)

The Internet of Money (Technical)


*You will receive $5 in your CashApp when you send a minimum of $5 from your CashApp to someone else. Aureus Unlimited LLC is affiliated with CashApp and we will also receive $5 should you sign up using the link above.

To learn more about Bitcoin check out our YouTube Channel: 21MillionTV