About Aureus Unlimited

Aureus Unlimited LLC is a small American business. Our mission is to provide our customers with premium products that will actually make an impact on their life. From solving problems to helping you look good, you will surely be satisfied with your purchases. 

Our Name: 

A common question we get is what our name, Aureus Unlimited, means. Aureus is a latin word meaning "golden." It was the name given to the most valuable gold coin minted in the Roman Empire. For thousands of years, humans relied on "The Gold Standard" for efficient trade and commerce; we hold ourselves to a similar standard. Unlimited signifies the idea that anything is possible, which is something we truly believe. Think back to your Chemistry class and you might recognize the significance of our initials AU.


Here at Aureus Unlimited we believe bitcoin is the currency of the future. Most things in our lives have gone digital from entertainment, to shopping, and we believe money is the next logical progression. For this reason we accept bitcoin on all purchases made on our store. If you would like to learn more about bitcoin, visit our instagram account where we post news and information about bitcoin and investing @aureusunlimited.

If you would like to buy bitcoin whether you plan on using it as a currency or holding it as an investment, we would recommend using Coinbase which is the most reputable exchange today. Join using the link below and receive $10 worth of bitcoin:*

For further information we recommend these two books for a technical as well as economic perspective on bitcoin:

The Bitcoin Standard (Economic)

The Internet of Money (Technical)


* You will receive the $10 of BTC from Coinbase after you buy or sell $100 of cryptocurrency on their platform. Aureus Unlimited LLC is affiliated with Coinbase and we will also receive $10 should you sign up using the link above.  

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